How to get started ...

What is slack?

Slack is a channel-based messaging platform

How to get started and create a slack account?

  • Download the desktop app or use slack via your browser
  • Create a new account or sign in using your credentials if you already have a slack account
  • Set up a profile 

How to access the BigSurv20 workspace?

Each session has a channel, what is a channel?

  • Join a channel (use the links provided through the conference sessions)
  • Change your notification settings if preferred 

How to use slack for BigSurv20 ...

  • Each session has its own channel. You can obtain access to this channel by following the URLS provided on the session’s website and the guidelines above. 
  • In a channel, you can have discussions, ask questions, share references, share, files, etc. by sending messages 

  • To keep the channel organized, you can reply to messages in a thread 

  • The default options in slack can result in a lot of e-mail notifications, adjust these to your preferences.