Poster Competition


Congratulations to the BigSurv20 Poster Competition winners:

  1. Best Methods: Deji Suolang (Predicting presidential election trends by web data)
  2. Best Application to Substantive Area: Chan-Hoong Leong (Using spatial big data to unpack neigbourhood effects on social wellbeing)
  3. Best Innovation: James Rineer (Combining multiple data sources with synthetic populations. Applications to predictions and alleviation of privacy concerns)
  4. People's choice award: Daniela Duca (The ecosystem of technologies for data collection, survey and analysis in the social sciences)

A special thanks goes to our Poster Competition Judges: Trent Buskirk, Amelia Burke-Garcia, and Christoph Kern.


The BigSurv20 conference organizers are excited to announce brand new details of our conference Poster Competition. Posters presented at BigSurv20 are automatically eligible for this competition and we will awarding a 250 Euro Amazon gift card for winning posters in each of four categories: 

  • Best poster for methods (i.e., posters that showcase the application or development of methods that integrate survey and data science)
  • Best poster exploring substantive issues (i.e., posters that are using a blending of survey and data science approaches to explore or solve applied, real world substantive issues)
  • Best poster for innovation (i.e., new tools, approaches or programs to support the integration of survey and data science)
  • People’s choice award. You can select up to three posters in each session. The poster with the most votes across the two poster sessions will be the winner in this category. Note - posters are ordered here as they appear in the program.

For the first three awards, posters will be evaluated by a panel of judges rating posters on overall content, methodological rigor, approach, style, and which category best fits the given poster. The People’s choice award will be based on conference attendees' votes a poster receives during the live session in which all posters are available on the conference website. Posters may fall within multiple categories but each poster presentation can win only one award.  We are so excited to showcase the over 3 dozen poster submissions that will be presented at BigSurv20 on November 20 and we hope you will help us pick the People’s choice award winner.